INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED TO CLIENT SEARCH & SELECTION REQUIREMENTS is a UK based independent Web Site dedicated exclusively to advertise Top Premier UK Management and Executive Support Jobs available, with no site distracting wine product, wine brand, wine tour, wine course adverts, or links to news feeds. Service

Preparation of targeted applicant job adverts saving advert administration time.
NO SITE Auto Applications applicants know who will receive their application.
NO CV Downloads from Server curtails applications without required experience.
NO Site Registration or Log IN, allows applicants confidentiality required.
Search Status Updates: Application Open - Job Filled etc.
Adverts can include photos in addition to logos
Advert protected Copy saves time wasting administration of unauthorised published copies.


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Forward your advert copy in Microsoft word, a .jpg of your logo or photo to feature in adverts and the e-mail address for candidate to send applications.

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